How do I Become an Equine Vet Tech?

You could work as an equine vet tech if you enjoy working with horses and have a strong interest in medicine. Assisting a veterinarian in helping horses recover from a variety of ailments is part of this job. To perform the many duties of a vet tech, you’ll need a few years of specialized training. You will, however, be able to work in a variety of veterinary settings.

You’ll need to take veterinary technician classes and specialize in equine studies to become an equine vet tech. A two-year associate’s degree program from an accredited institution is required for veterinary technician training. To specialize in horses, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree and a one- to two-year equine certification program that teaches you everything you need to know about horse health and care. After you’ve completed your education, you’ll need to take a veterinary technician exam and apply for certification.

As an equine vet tech, your main responsibility will be to prepare horses for examinations and assist the head veterinarian. Brushing a horse’s teeth properly, dispensing medication to a horse, instructing owners on how to use medication, and extracting blood for lab tests are all common tasks. Soothing a horse during exams, handing equipment to the veterinarian, providing a second opinion, and performing X-rays are all examples of how you can help the veterinarian. Another important aspect of the job is communicating with the horse’s owner about the animal’s health problems in terms that non-veterinarians can understand.

You will need to improve a few key skills in order to perform the duties of an equine vet tech. Because horses are unique animals about which doctors are always trying to learn more, your research skills will be crucial. Reading medical journals and learning about the latest equine health procedures will help you become the best technician possible. Most importantly, you must have a passion for horses that motivates you to not only examine a sick animal but also to help it live a better life.

A career as an equine vet tech can take several different directions. A veterinary office that specializes in horses or at least focuses on larger animals is the most common place to work. With your training and experience, you can also find work on many horse farms. In addition, horse-related sports facilities, such as horse racing and steeplechase courses, frequently hire veterinarians and vet techs to be on staff in the event of an injury.