How do I Learn Auto Air Conditioning Repair?

Complete a certificate program, become an auto mechanic, or complete an auto mechanic apprenticeship program to learn auto air conditioning repair. Because this process uses pressurized gases that must be stored, transported, and disposed of according to environmental regulations, it necessitates specialized training and equipment. In a car, air conditioning is the process of cooling the air that circulates inside the vehicle artificially.

Since the early 1940s, automobiles have had air conditioning systems. Over time, the methods used have evolved from Freon gas or R12 to R-134a. In the 1980s, an environmental law was passed requiring that all new cars use R-134a instead of Freon, which is a more environmentally friendly refrigerant. This change had an immediate effect on new automobiles. Older vehicles, on the other hand, were not required to make the switch. As a result, all mechanics must be trained to repair both types of auto air conditioning systems, as well as to retrofit an existing system into a new one.

A certificate program is the most common way to learn auto air conditioning repair. The local community college that runs the automotive repair training program usually organizes these programs. Only licensed auto mechanics or those currently enrolled in an auto mechanic apprenticeship program are eligible for this type of training.

Courses in air conditioning repair are part of the core curriculum in most auto mechanic training programs. Some areas offer advanced training courses in air conditioning retrofitting, as this is a growing need. Auto mechanic training is available at a variety of community and career colleges. These programs typically last two to three years and provide students with a variety of co-operative learning and job placement opportunities.

Auto mechanic apprentice programs are more hands-on, with a set number of courses offered in the evenings, on weekends, or once a year in a compressed three-month term. Students spend the majority of the program in the workplace, with only a few months of the year spent in class. This program takes a little longer to finish, but it gives you the same certification.

There are numerous options for learning auto air conditioning repair. All, however, necessitate a basic understanding of auto mechanics and repair. There are several online schools that teach auto air conditioning repair and maintenance. While the courses may provide theoretical knowledge, these skills cannot be put to use without a proper understanding of how to deal with the gas canisters used in this type of air conditioning.