How do I Strengthen a First Resume?

For many people, writing their first resume is a daunting task. Understanding the purpose of the resume can help you reduce stress and create a great first resume. Your resume is intended to demonstrate to a potential employer how you will benefit his or her company. You can easily improve your first resume remembering this crucial piece of information. Volunteer experience, special skills, positive personality traits, internships, and educational accomplishments can all help to strengthen your first resume.

When it comes to putting together a resume that will pique the interest of a potential employer, many people think of paid work experience and college coursework. Volunteering and internships are excellent items to include on a first resume because they demonstrate your commitment and skills. Despite the fact that these positions are unpaid, you demonstrate that you care about others, have excellent time management skills, and understand how to interact with others and complete a task. If you want to work in a specific field, these skills are even more important.

On your resume, emphasize any special skills you have, such as computer knowledge, writing, or anything else relevant to the position you’re applying for. Computer and technological skills are essential, but so are other abilities. Some occupations do not place as much emphasis on computers as others. Investigate the field you want to work in, see what skills would be beneficial, and list the ones you already have. Make a note of them on your resume and be ready to talk about them with a potential employer.

Many employers value positive personality traits just as much as technical skills. An employer would often prefer to train the right person for the job because he or she possesses positive personality traits rather than hire someone who lacks those traits solely because of technical ability. Working well with others, time management, integrity, and motivation are all skills that employers value.

Your educational achievements may be a significant part of who you are at this point in your life. Mention your grade-point average (GPA) on your resume if you have one. Mention any special honors or awards that you have received. Although schoolwork may not be the most important part of your resume, an employer will appreciate the fact that you take your studies seriously and can perform well in class.