What Are the Different Types of Private Security Jobs?

Security guards, private investigators, and personal security guards, also known as bodyguards, are all examples of private security jobs. Computer security and casino security are two other types of private security jobs. Some people work as independent contractors in the private security industry, while others work as employees of a private security contractor.

Security guards are assigned to keep an eye on and protect businesses and private residences from vandalism and theft. Some work as armed guards, while others serve as surveillance providers who monitor a location and alert local law enforcement if a security breach is discovered. While some private security jobs in this field necessitate special training and even licensing, the majority do not.

A private investigator is another type of private security position. Investigators are frequently called upon to provide protection for high-profile clients, conduct background investigations, screen new job applicants, and work undercover for retail establishments to monitor and deter theft, among other things. While the majority of private investigators work as independent contractors, many also work for private security firms.

Former law enforcement and military personnel frequently transition into private security. These individuals are frequently hired to work as personal security agents for celebrities and corporate executives. This type of private security job typically necessitates specialized skills that only those with law enforcement or military training can provide, such as extreme attention to detail, the ability to aggressively take command of dangerous situations, and the ability to physically subdue an individual who may pose a threat to the client being guarded.

Individuals who work in private security positions designed to provide computer security frequently monitor sensitive data. In some cases, these types of private security jobs may also require security personnel to monitor specific websites in order to ensure the safety of visitors who log on. Private security jobs, for example, may hire someone to work undercover while pretending to be a minor online in order to catch an adult predator looking to meet a child for illegal activity.

Casinos also employ private security guards to keep an eye on the gaming tables and ensure that no criminal activity is taking place. This job primarily entails video surveillance, but it may also entail physically visiting gaming areas to observe the activities taking place there. In this industry, private security positions necessitate specialized training to ensure that the rules of all games are adhered to, as well as government laws.