What Are the Different Types of Proposal Manager Jobs?

Proposal managers are in charge of overseeing the preparation and submission of a written plan to provide project services. Reviewing project requirements, writing, and assembling the proposal preparation team are all common responsibilities for proposal managers. Proposal managers may also be responsible for facilitating meetings and conducting post-proposal submission reviews as the process progresses.

Proposal managers typically work in a variety of settings where businesses compete for services-for-hire. Proposal managers may be required nonprofit organizations in order to compete for government contracts or grants. Proposal managers are typically hired private sector organizations to bid on government and private sector projects.

This person may conduct a review of the proposal’s requirements, focusing on things like format, length, and supporting details. A review of the requirements may help determine whether or not the proposal can be completed. Understanding proposal requirements usually allows a proposal manager to put together the team needed to complete each task.

Proposals are typically completed in one of two formats, depending on the criteria established the project proposal requester. Some requesters may want a detailed document that explains how the organization will carry out specific project responsibilities. Others may prefer a succinct, high-level presentation that highlights key points and responds to questions about the organization’s capability. Others may anticipate a detailed written document as well as a high-level presentation.

In either case, proposal managers are in charge of ensuring that the organization can meet the plan’s submission requirements. This frequently necessitates the establishment of proposal milestones in order to meet submission deadlines. A proposal manager must not only make this decision, but also secure the necessary resources.

A team and financial resources may be required to complete a proposal project. Employees tasked with tasks such as conducting research and writing the proposal could make up the project team. Financial resources are frequently used to cover the cost of an organization’s project obligations.

Although a proposal manager may delegate the majority of the work, she is ultimately responsible for the outcome. To keep the team on track with tasks, milestones, and deadlines, this usually necessitates leadership skills. She has the authority to edit materials submitted team members in support of the proposal, such as a financial budget and written details. She also typically monitors daily activity to see if any tasks are running late.

Proposal manager jobs typically do not end with the submission of a proposal. If the requester accepts the organization’s bid, contract negotiations may be led some proposal managers. Proposal managers may also hold briefings with the team in charge of putting the project’s requirements into action. Most proposal managers hold post-process review meetings, whether or not the bid is accepted, to identify efficiency gaps.