What Are the Different Types of Science Fiction Author?

There are many different types of science fiction writers. They can be divided into two categories: writing and science fiction. Vignettes, for example, are very short pieces of writing; novels, on the other hand, are very long pieces of writing. Hard science fiction, cyberpunk, and humor are all examples of science fiction. While science fiction authors may use a variety of writing styles, they usually specialize in one genre.

One type of science fiction writer might specialize in short stories. A vignette, also known as flash fiction, is the shortest type of story. Vignettes are usually four pages or less long and can be as short as a scene. A single event, scene, or character is frequently the focus of this type of story. Because the science fiction author doesn’t have a lot of room, the story must be very focused.

Short stories, which are typically 20 pages or less in length, can also be written a science fiction author. This type of fiction allows for a little more story development, but it still needs to be tightly focused. These stories are frequently published in science fiction magazines and anthologies.

A novelette, which is usually 20 to 40 pages long, or a novella, which is usually no more than 90 pages long, are the mid-length stories for science fiction authors. The novelette is usually a bit longer than a short story, but it is still quite short. A novella is slightly longer and thus provides the science fiction author with a little more room for development.

The novelist is perhaps the most common type of science fiction author. Novels are the longest form of fiction, usually lasting at least 90 pages but up to as many as the author desires. There are no page limits. Novels provide the most opportunities for plot, character, and event development because they can be as long as the story requires.

Authors may specialize in a subgenre, or a specific type of science fiction, within the science fiction genre. Because there are so many options, authors often choose to focus on a specific subgenre, and hard science fiction and soft science fiction are two of the most popular within science fiction. Hard science fiction is based on real science, and the plot usually revolves around the science. Soft science fiction, on the other hand, focuses on what are known as “soft sciences,” such as sociology and psychology. In the field of science fiction, authors can focus on a variety of subgenres.