What are the Different Types of Veterinary Technician Careers?

When considering different types of veterinary technician jobs, working for a private veterinary practice may be the first thing that comes to mind. The majority of veterinary technicians work in private practices, where they take care of both small and large animals. Zoos, wildlife sanctuaries, marine institutions, and other facilities that house wild animals employ veterinary technicians. They carry out biomedical research in laboratories. Humane societies, animal shelters, feed and drug companies, schools, and other organizations employ veterinary technicians.

Veterinary technicians who work in private practices are responsible for a wide range of tasks. They gather information about patients, offer advice to pet owners, and provide nursing care to animals. They help veterinarians preparing animals and equipment for surgery and acting as surgical nurses. Veterinary technicians are in charge of running veterinary clinics as well as training and supervising staff. Patients’ specimens are collected, and laboratory procedures are performed.

Working as a veterinary technician in a private practice can involve working with a wide range of animals. The majority of animals seen in small animal practices are cats and dogs, but some veterinary offices will also see rabbits, rodents, reptiles, and birds, which are considered exotics in the veterinary world. Some small animal veterinary clinics focus on specific animal species, such as cats, birds, or reptiles.

Veterinary technicians who work in large animal practices may visit ranches and farms to care for cows and sheep, or they may work for equine veterinarians, who specialize in horses. Some veterinary technicians work in the field for large animal practices, while others work behind the scenes developing X-rays and working in the office lab. Some veterinary technicians work for practices specializing in equine dentistry, while others work for practices specializing in cat and dog dentistry. Emergency services are another specialty area within private veterinary practices.

Elephants, rhinos, big cats, porpoises, and a variety of other wild animals are cared for technicians working in zoos and other places that house wildlife. People in these veterinary technician careers may perform tasks such as collecting cardiac blood from a snake, testing water quality in a shark tank, or administering a tuberculosis test to a chimpanzee or another primate, depending on where they work. One of the many responsibilities in this career is to understand quarantine protocols and recognize disease in quarantined animals.

Veterinary technicians who work in biomedical research work with laboratory animals. They could be employed universities, pharmaceutical companies, or other research institutions. They help implement research projects while ensuring humane care and handling of the research animals, and they perform many of the same care duties as veterinary technicians in private veterinary practices.

Working as a veterinary technician for humane organizations and animal shelters entails caring for animals as well as the euthanasia of unwanted animals. Veterinary technicians instruct students in veterinary technician and veterinary assistant programs. They work for animal drug and product companies in sales and development. Veterinary technician jobs can also be found in the military, the food safety industry, and animal behavior practices, among other places.