What can I do with a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree?

What you can do with a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree is largely determined your field of study. After earning a bachelor’s degree in a field like this, a person can work in a variety of fields. Health care management, construction management, and network administration are some of the most common occupations. You might be able to get a job in computer animation or graphic design with your degree.

A Bachelor of Applied Science is a four-year degree that many people pursue if they want to work in a technical field. This degree’s coursework usually consists of more practical work and study than theoretical work, and classes frequently use hands-on learning methods. Some schools offer a degree for those who have already earned an Associate of Applied Science and want to pursue a higher level of education. This degree can also be used to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree, though this is more common in medical fields or for those interested in teaching.

Following completion of a Bachelor of Applied Science degree, some of the most common types of jobs are in management or medical work. This type of degree is frequently used to fill positions in health care management, for example. Positions in office management and human resources management may also be viable options.

This degree can also be used to get a job in construction management. This is especially beneficial if you live in an area where there is a lot of construction work, as there may be more competition for such jobs. This type of degree can also be beneficial if you want to work in computer science or information technology (IT). A BAS in network administration, for example, can often assist you in obtaining work as a network or website administrator.

You may also be able to enter fields that combine artistic and technical abilities once you have a Bachelor of Applied Science. Computer animation, for example, relies heavily on both artistic ability and computer knowledge, and many computer animation programs award BAS degrees. You can also look for graphic design or computer-aided design and drafting programs that will provide you with the necessary education and experience to work in those fields.