What Does a Branch Administrator Do?

A branch administrator is in charge of a single workplace location’s daily operations. Administrators are usually more concerned with the internal operations of a company or other workplace than with external activities like sales or customer service. The branch administrator may take on a supervisory role in some cases, but in others, administrators are individuals who perform secretarial tasks and assist the location manager.

A branch administrator should have strong organizational skills and a working knowledge of common software and computer programs. Previously, administrators had to deal with large amounts of paperwork, but in many countries, these tasks are now primarily computer-based. Administrators communicate with company employees on a regular basis via email or internal memos. As a result, an administrator should be able to communicate effectively.

Supervisory administrators typically have a bachelor’s degree in management, business, or a related field. Many of these individuals rise through the ranks from junior positions, while others earn advanced degrees and are hired right out of college. A branch administrator who does not have supervisory authority may have a bachelor’s degree in administration, business, or a related field. In some cases, administrator positions are only available to those who have completed secretarial or clerical training.

The majority of employees in an office or plant are involved in sales, manufacturing, and marketing. Payroll and staffing are handled the branch administrator. While the administrator may not have the authority to hire or fire employees, the person in this position may be in charge of scheduling the staff. In addition, the administrator may be required to communicate with human resources (HR) personnel in order to post open positions and file paperwork related to employee issues or disputes. Employee payroll records are required in many countries, and the administrator is usually in charge of keeping track of employee time sheets and payroll data.

Branch administrators are employed government agencies to supervise government work locations such as courthouses, benefits offices, and school board administrative offices. These individuals are usually in charge of the budget for either the location or the entire district. Public questions and inquiries may be answered government officials, but only if the issues are organizational or administrative in nature. In the legal system, a branch administrator could deal with issues like jury duty expense payments, but not with issues like the outcome of a court case.

Typically, branch administrators are salaried or hourly employees. Pay scales are determined in part the assigned duties, but also the level of experience of the individual. Administrators with advanced degrees or second language skills may command a higher salary from some employers. In other cases, pay is determined solely the job responsibilities, regardless of the applicant’s skills and experience.