What Does a Branch Office Manager Do?

A company hires a branch office manager to oversee the entire operation of a regional office. The exact scope of a branch officer manager’s responsibilities varies company size, but duties typically include managing employees and overseeing the day-to-day operations of an office. This could include things like answering phones, filing, scheduling, and picking up and delivering packages. A branch office manager will supervise the individual employees in charge of each of the above tasks in larger offices. A branch office manager’s responsibilities may also include basic human resource management, such as hiring and training.

To manage operations in different areas, companies may have multiple offices in a region or country. An office manager is required for each branch to oversee its function and operation. Within an office, the branch manager ensures that each job is completed in the most efficient manner possible. To this end, the branch office manager may be in charge of determining the number of employees required for a specific task, as well as defining each position’s specific job description. The branch office manager’s primary responsibility is staff coordination.

The office manager is frequently in charge of employee scheduling. It’s a balancing act to meet staffing needs while also accommodating individual employee schedule conflicts. The manager ensures that coverage is provided when an employee requires time off, such as for vacation or maternity leave. When a company’s profits or number of customers increase, the branch officer manager hires more people. Reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews, and conducting new hire training are all part of this process.

A branch office manager is also responsible for ensuring that all necessary equipment is in good working order. An information technology staff member may service computers, copy machines, fax machines, and phone lines, but the office manager is in charge of purchasing new equipment and scheduling service repair times. An office manager is also in charge of supply inventory management and purchasing. This includes buying paper, pens, shipping and packaging supplies, and materials for the office break room.

Another important area overseen a branch manager is mail. Every day, the company’s mail must be sorted, distributed, and filed. In most cases, another employee is assigned to the mail room. The manager supervises this employee and ensures that everything is done correctly.