What does a Customer Service Advisor do?

A customer service advisor is a person who works for a company and is responsible for dealing with customer questions, concerns, and complaints. In the retail and telecommunications industries, customer service advisor positions are common. Some customer service representatives interact with customers in person, while others communicate with them via phone, email, or other electronic means.

Customer service representatives begin their careers at the company’s orientation. Employees learn about the company’s products and services during the orientation process. During training, basic job expectations about the levels of customer service that management expects from customer service advisors are clearly laid out. Many businesses hold role-playing sessions in which employees can practice interacting with customers. Some companies require managers to evaluate customer service employees on a regular basis to ensure that they are providing the company’s expected levels of service.

Customers who have formal complaints about products or services are typically directed to the customer service advisor. This employee makes an effort to comprehend the customer’s problem. Legitimate complaints are investigated, and the customer service representative serves as a liaison between the customer and the company while the issue is being resolved. Case numbers are frequently assigned to customer complaints, which are used to track the progress of each case. When the issue is resolved, the customer service representative must contact the customer, explain the situation, and, if necessary, arrange for compensation.

Customer service advisors are hired telecommunications companies and other service providers to assist customers with technical issues. Service representatives are given basic technical training and are instructed to assist customers in resolving minor issues over the phone. Complex issues that the advisor is unable to resolve are referred to a technical specialist.

Customer service advisors are frequently employed travel companies, banks, and large retailers to meet and greet customers. Sales literature, discount coupons, and other information are distributed the advisors. Customers should be made to feel welcome service representatives who exude friendliness and offer to assist anyone who appears to require special assistance. Other employees can focus on other tasks, such as sales or inventory management, because customer sales advisors are present.

Senior advisors and management positions are open to experienced customer service advisors. People in these positions are in charge of hiring, training, and managing customer service representatives. Because the basic job functions are largely similar, customer service employees can move between industries.