What is a Qualitative Research Paper?

A qualitative research paper is a document that presents information that goes beyond a topic’s fundamental understanding. A person will be required to use many of the same skills when writing this type of document as she would when writing any type of research paper. However, there will almost always be additional requirements, such as critical thinking skills and more time. A qualitative document’s successful completion usually necessitates the use of a variety of research and investigative methods.

Assigning research papers can be done for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the goal is to educate the writer about a subject, improve her writing skills, or assess her research abilities. A qualitative research paper is typically assigned to encourage broader, more in-depth thinking. A successful paper of this type cannot stop or limit itself to the same approach as other papers on the same subject. In most cases, the writer is expected to ask new questions, come to a common conclusion using novel methods, or develop new theories.

Demands for qualitative research papers are typically higher than for other types of research papers. Critical thinking is one of them. Regurgitated information makes up a large portion of the information that circulates in society. People frequently place more emphasis on the source, popularity, and sensationalism of information than on the facts upon which it is based. This is avoided in a qualitative research paper because the writer is generally required to demonstrate that she wrote the paper with a degree of skepticism or extraordinary inquisitiveness.

To complete such an assignment, a person must delve deeper and, in most cases, use multiple research and investigative tactics for a single task. When writing a qualitative research paper, a person usually needs to look into information that is already accepted as fact. Even if that information is correct, she may be tasked with determining why those circumstances exist and what factors might influence them. She may also need to look into the consequences of those events.

A person who is assigned to write this type of research paper should anticipate spending more time on it than she would on other research papers of similar length. When written properly, a qualitative research paper can accomplish several goals. To begin with, it can provide fresh perspective on a topic that is widely considered to be well-covered. It has the ability to reveal errors and dispel common misconceptions. Furthermore, a document like this can reveal the lack of evidence that underpins claims made what appear to be reputable sources.