What Does a Japanese Tutor Do?

Students learn how to speak, read, and write in Japanese with the help of a Japanese tutor. Tutors are frequently employed educational institutions such as high schools and colleges. Other tutors are self-employed individuals who teach Japanese to individuals or groups of students on a part-time basis.

In some countries, high schools offer Japanese classes. Many school districts mandate that students learn at least one foreign language, and Japanese classes fulfill this requirement. In some cases, the Japanese tutor is in charge of both teaching classes and providing one-on-one mentoring to individual students. Other tutors simply provide individual tutoring to students who are enrolled in classes taught someone else.

Many universities offer Japanese degree programs. Some of these courses focus on teaching students practical language skills, while others teach students the language in order to study the country’s literature. In both types of degree programs, a Japanese tutor meets with small groups of students on a regular basis to go over the information presented in lectures and seminars in greater depth. Many tutors primarily focus on practicing conversational Japanese with students and may assign homework to individual students that is related to the degree program.

Corporations and government agencies occasionally hire Japanese tutors to help foreign nationals prepare for life or work in Japan. They are full-time employees in some cases, while tutors are hired on a contract basis in others. In general, a Japanese tutor teaches students the fundamentals of Japanese conversation that they will need to live in the Asian country. Corporations also ask tutors to teach students common business terms and expressions so that they can negotiate with their Japanese-speaking counterparts.

While some people learn Japanese for professional reasons, many others take classes before visiting the country on vacation. Such people frequently hire a private Japanese tutor and receive one-on-one instruction for several weeks. Typically, these tutors are Japanese nationals or those who have a basic understanding of the language but have not received any formal teacher training. Working as a private tutor is one way that Japanese students studying abroad raise money to cover their educational costs.

Anyone interested in becoming a Japanese tutor is typically required to have completed a college degree. After completing degree programs in education or a related field, Japanese nationals are frequently hired as tutors. Before becoming a full-time Japanese tutor, people of other nationalities may need to complete an undergraduate or postgraduate Japanese language degree.