What does a Material Handler do?

A material handler is responsible for processing all goods that are received or shipped a company. She is in charge of receiving, distributing, and storing all products, including office supplies, raw materials, parts, and tools. Her work could be in a large or small corporation. She may work alone or as part of a team of material handlers, depending on the size of the company.

A material handler’s ability to stay organized is usually critical to his or her success. She is frequently expected to log goods received from outside sources, place them in appropriate storage areas, or distribute them to the appropriate departments. Because her authority allows her to sign bills of lading, it’s critical that she conducts a thorough and accurate review of the shipment.

When it comes to shipping materials, the handler is usually expected to follow a similar procedure. She checks the accompanying documents for accuracy and confirms any special shipping instructions or details. If problems arise with the goods’ destination or shipping methods, she is expected to keep all parties involved informed of the changes.

Her communication skills are expected to be clear and concise because she interacts with all departments of a company. When a production manager requests expedited shipment of materials in order to keep the manufacturing process on track, the material handler is typically expected to ensure that the order is given top priority. If a problem arises with a contractor or vendor, the material handler is usually the person in charge of resolving the situation.

Accounting and inventory control are two other departments that rely on the material handler’s accuracy and efficiency. The material handler is responsible for validating and transferring invoices to the accounting department for payment. Inventory control personnel expect to be notified quickly of items on back order so that they can notify appropriate departments of any necessary changes to work or delivery schedules.

A material handler is usually required to have good math and computer skills in addition to being organized. Because she is frequently required to handle sensitive goods and materials, discretion and honesty are essential. To compile reports and summaries for management, good writing skills are usually required.

For this position, a high school diploma or equivalent is usually required. Some employers prefer college courses or other formal training. However, regardless of educational background, the majority of these jobs are given to those who have solid experience in related positions.