What Does a Motorcycle Instructor Do?

A motorcycle instructor teaches people how to ride motorcycles, but they can also do a variety of other things and have a variety of responsibilities. Instructors may also teach in a classroom setting in addition to physically teaching students how to ride a motorcycle. Motorcycle instructors may have a responsibility to teach students proper motorcycle safety procedures and techniques, as well as basic motorcycle maintenance and laws and regulations governing the use of motorcycles.

Where a motorcycle instructor works has an impact on what he or she does. Some instructors work for a school or another educational institution. Other instructors may work for a private company or be self-employed. Depending on the size and style of the school, instructors working for a motorcycle school may only teach riding or only teach in the classroom. Some privately employed or self-employed instructors may specialize in teaching people how to ride a motorcycle, while others may also provide courses on safety, maintenance, and other topics.

A motorcycle instructor can teach students how to ride a motorcycle solely as a riding instructor. Some instructors must start with the most basic principles, such as how to start the motorcycle and which way to lean on curves, depending on the students’ prior skill level. Some students may already be familiar with motorcycles, allowing the instructor to quickly review or skip over some basic information. One of the most important responsibilities of motorcycle instructors at any level is to thoroughly answer questions in order to ensure the safety of their students.

Some motorcycle instructors may be required to teach in a classroom setting. Many instructors use techniques such as written manuals, diagrams, pictures, discussions, and lectures to teach their students. Students may be informed about national, state, and local laws and regulations a motorcycle instructor in the classroom. Students may also learn about safety precautions, proper riding habits, traffic rules, and basic motorcycle theory from instructors.

Before any actual motorcycle riding, many motorcycle schools require a certain amount of classroom instruction. Some schools may only require a brief safety course, while others may require extensive training before beginning road lessons. Instructors may also be required to administer and grade written exams to ensure that students comprehend the material before riding their motorcycles.

A motorcycle instructor’s job description may include additional responsibilities. Motorcycle repair may be taught some instructors. Other people could work as motorcycle instructor supervisors. A head instructor may run a school, supervise other instructors, or run their own business. A motorcycle instructor may also be responsible for training new instructors.