What does a Referral Specialist do?

A referral specialist’s job is to point someone or a company to a service or information that they may require. The referral specialist collects information about the client’s needs, makes a recommendation based on those needs, and then follows up with the client to ensure satisfaction. A specialist might refer a deaf person to a translator for speaking engagements, or a virtual assistant company to an online business owner. The specialist may be paid an hourly wage, commissions from the services she refers, or a combination of the two.

To ensure that they can provide the best service to their clients, specialists usually only work with specific needs and services. This means that one may only provide business-to-business referrals, while another may only provide referrals for in-home medical services, and yet another may only provide referrals for assistant and answering services.

An initial meeting is scheduled, either over the phone or in person, during which the referral specialist may ask the client a few questions in order to better understand her needs. After the client’s needs have been clarified, the specialist will look for a company or individual who can meet them. Frequently, the specialist’s options are limited to companies with which she has already partnered, or she must negotiate a deal for payment from a new one. The referral specialist will contact the client and set up a meeting between the client and the referred once the right person or company has been identified.

In most cases, the referral specialist is not directly involved in the operations between her client and the referred party. A specialist, on the other hand, may check in with the client from time to time to ensure that she is completely satisfied with her service. If that is not the case, the specialist may do everything she can to resolve any issues. This may even necessitate the search for a new service provider.

Communication with a referral specialist may be required via email and letter, phone, or in person. To ensure the right referral is made and all accounts are maintained, he or she should have good communication and organizational skills. The majority of the time, the job entails sitting for long periods of time at a desk or in front of a computer, with a few opportunities to work in the field and meet clients face to face.