What does a School Guidance Counselor do?

A school guidance counselor provides support to students both inside and outside of the classroom. Guidance counselors assist students of all ages in achieving academic success, making future plans, and addressing social and behavioral issues. Counselors usually specialize in working with a specific age group, such as elementary school children, middle schoolers, or high school students. This position necessitates a counseling degree as well as certification.

At the high school level, patients meet with a school guidance counselor to discuss their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their future plans. Guidance counselors can talk with students about potential careers, help them with college and job applications, and intervene with students who are having difficulty in school. Observing students in class and meeting with faculty members to discuss students who may be having problems are examples of this work.

A school guidance counselor’s job is slightly different for students in middle school. Social issues are common among students of this age group. The counselor’s role could include giving friendly advice and assistance to students who are having difficulty making friends or navigating the middle school social environment. Guidance counselors, on the other hand, can meet with bullies to plan interventions. Counselors also collaborate with faculty to identify students who require additional assistance with their schoolwork or who appear to be experiencing difficulties at home.

Guidance counselors who work with elementary and grammar school students collaborate with faculty and parents to monitor students as they begin their academic careers. A school guidance counselor is particularly sensitive to students who have learning disabilities or social issues and could benefit from early intervention. Identifying students with learning disabilities such as auditory processing disorder, dyslexia, and other disabilities ensures that these students do not fall through the cracks and have a chance to receive treatment so that they can succeed in school.

A school guidance counselor can help students of all ages with social skills, test-taking skills, and study skills. Whether a student is a good fit for the theater department or a candidate for extra science classes, guidance counselors are skilled at identifying potential areas of interest for students in order to get them active and involved. Counselors consider how to work with students in order to help them succeed in life rather than just in school, and their work can be quite varied on any given day.