What does a Swim Instructor do?

A swimming instructor teaches people of all ages and abilities how to swim, from young children in basic swimming classes to adults who want to learn new swimming techniques or improve their swimming abilities. Swim instructors are usually good swimmers, and in order to work as swimming instructors, they must complete some safety and certification courses in lifeguarding, first aid, and other related topics to ensure that their students are safe in the pool.

The goal of a swim instructor is to get people comfortable swimming at the level they desire. For a young child instructor, this might entail making sure that children are safe in the water so that if they fall into a pool or are swept overboard while boating, they will be able to swim until an adult arrives to assist them. Swim instructors who work with adults can include advanced swimming techniques in their classes.

Some swim instructors serve as coaches, assisting their students in preparing for competitions, while others focus on teaching fundamental skills with a less competitive emphasis. A swim instructor may also teach diving and basic safety in addition to swimming instruction so that their students feel comfortable in the water and can assist others in an emergency. Swim instructors can also instruct safety and lifeguarding classes for people who want to learn how to save lives in the water.

Swim instructors can assist people in locating appropriate swimming equipment and gear, as well as administering tests to determine how fit students are and allowing them to progress to the next level of difficulty. A swim instructor may also be in charge of water safety programs at the pools or health centers where they work, as well as water safety programs for the general public, such as classes on basic water rescue topics for emergency responders.

Swim classes should be taken anyone interested in working as a swim instructor to familiarize themselves with different teaching styles and to progress to the highest level of swimming ability. He or she should also enroll in safety courses such as CPR, first aid, and water rescue. Before seeking employment as a swim instructor, it may be beneficial to work as an assistant instructor or assist with an experienced instructor to gain experience with the process. Some swim instructors also join professional organizations that provide certification and access to continuing education.