What does an Administrative Supervisor do?

An administrative supervisor is in charge of supervising employees, ensuring that company policies are followed, resolving problems, and facilitating communication between senior management and administrative staff. This position is usually found in the administrative services department of large corporations. The tasks typically performed in this role are completed the business manager in a smaller business.

A person in this position’s primary responsibility is to manage other employees in the administration services department. Recruitment, hiring, discipline, performance evaluation, and termination are all examples of human relations responsibilities. All of these tasks are normally completed with the assistance and advice of the human resources department, but the administrative supervisor is responsible for them.

The administrative supervisor must ensure that his or her direct reports follow all business procedures used to complete operational responsibilities. He or she may be involved in the creation and upkeep of an operations manual or other instruction manuals in some cases. Spot checks and random follow-ups are excellent ways to ensure that all procedures are adhered to.

A supervisor is responsible for resolving employee conflicts as well as client complaints. This procedure entails gathering data from all parties involved, analyzing the evidence, and making a decision that will solve the problem. To perform this aspect of the job well, you must be familiar with company policies and have a firm understanding of a client’s needs.

In most companies, the administrative supervisor meets with the operations or administrative manager on a regular basis. The manager informs the supervisor about the company’s strategic direction, issues that have been identified at higher levels, and any other concerns during these meetings. The supervisor, in turn, informs the manager about issues or challenges at the lower level and offers suggestions for possible solutions. Someone in administrative supervision communicates pertinent information to his or her team while maintaining confidentiality regarding potential decisions or changes in direction. Anyone in this position must have excellent communication and discretionary skills.

Post-secondary business administration training is usually required to qualify for a position as an administrative supervisor. Because the program is widely available, it can be completed at almost any community or career college. Some of the candidates have a college diploma. This level of education is not required, but it may be beneficial if you want to advance to senior management.