What Does an Aircraft Maintenance Technician Do?

Aircraft maintenance technicians keep planes and other types of aircraft in good working order so they can fly. They also inspect aircraft in accordance with their jurisdictions’ and employers’ requirements. They frequently troubleshoot aircraft problems to determine what is wrong with them and then apply the necessary fix, as well as perform preventative maintenance to avoid problems from occurring in the first place. In addition, a person with this title is usually in charge of keeping maintenance records for each aircraft on which he works.

When a person holds the title of aircraft maintenance technician, he is in charge of ensuring that the aircraft in his care are in good working order. This job may entail a variety of tasks, such as performing routine inspections and performing scheduled maintenance on the aircraft in accordance with the laws of his jurisdiction. He may also be in charge of repairs to the aircraft he is in charge of. Furthermore, some people with this job title work on preventative maintenance, which means they try to fix problems before they become serious.

An aircraft maintenance technician may be in charge of a variety of different components. The engine, landing gear, and brakes are among them. In most cases, he is also in charge of the aircraft’s valves and pumps. A person with this title is essentially in charge of any part of an aircraft that requires maintenance, including the craft’s body. Some people with this title are responsible for routine maintenance, repairs, and inspections, while others specialize in one of these areas.

Keeping records of the maintenance tasks and aircraft inspections that an aircraft maintenance technician performs is a common task. He may be required to travel for this job or accept emergency maintenance calls in some cases. An employee in this position may be in charge of ordering a variety of aircraft parts as well as handling the shipping and receiving of those parts. He may even be in charge of ensuring that airline parts are genuine on occasion.

The type of aircraft for which an aircraft maintenance technician is responsible may vary depending on his employer. Some work with commercial or cargo planes, as well as corporate jets, while others specialize in helicopters. However, in some cases, an aircraft maintenance technician will work on a variety of aircraft for his employer rather than just one.