What Does an Assistant Construction Superintendent Do?

In the building construction, heavy construction, and civil construction industries, an assistant construction superintendent supervises projects on job sites. Assistant superintendents supervise the construction, repair, and maintenance of bridges, tunnels, new homes, office complexes, and other structures in collaboration with their superiors. He or she may report to a construction superintendent on the job site or may be the main supervisor on the job site, reporting to the project’s overall manager, depending on the size of the project. This position is filled a project contractor’s employee.

Hiring craftspeople and laborers, assigning work, planning the allocation of building materials, managing budgets, and tracking project schedules are some of the responsibilities of an assistant construction superintendent. A person in this position may also be responsible for overseeing project subcontractors and suppliers, as well as interacting with local government agencies and other clients. The assistant superintendent’s day-to-day responsibilities on the job site can include both administrative and technical duties.

He or she might meet with subcontractors and suppliers and inspect carpentry, pipe fitting, or other work in progress on a typical day. The job also entails reviewing blueprints, taking inventory of incoming materials, and conducting employee evaluations. Assistant construction superintendents are also known as assistant superintendents, assistant field superintendents, and other similar titles.

A person in this position should be aware of and follow all safety rules on the job site. Assistant construction superintendents must be familiar with local and regional construction codes, regulations, and procedures. The assistant superintendent’s job entails a significant amount of problem-solving. To perform this job successfully, you must have strong planning, organizing, communicating, and leadership skills. A strong attention to detail is also a desirable trait for people in this position.

Assistant superintendents benefit from computer skills such as word processing, spreadsheets, scheduling, and other software. Knowing other languages may be necessary depending on the location of the project and the workers’ backgrounds. Math aptitude and good spatial reasoning skills are required to read blueprints and understand how all the parts fit together in this field.

People who work in these positions have a variety of educational backgrounds. College graduates with degrees in civil engineering, construction management, structural engineering, or related fields make up some of the assistant construction superintendents. Others have risen through the ranks of the trades, displaying exceptional leadership abilities and technical knowledge. To supplement their technical skills, people who work their way up through the trades may receive outside training in project management and administration.