What does an Insurance Salesperson do?

Insurance policies are sold an insurance salesperson. Some insurance salespeople specialize in a single type of insurance, while others sell a variety of policies. One insurance salesperson may specialize in selling life insurance only, while others may specialize in selling life, disability, and property insurance. Some insurance salespeople work for a single insurance company and only sell products from that company. Others work as independent salespeople, selling insurance from a variety of companies.

A life insurance salesperson assists people in caring for their loved ones after they pass away. When the policyholder dies, the money is paid to the named beneficiaries. Another product that an insurance salesperson may sell is health insurance. These policies are designed to assist in the payment of medical expenses if they become necessary. Some insurance agents also sell dental insurance, which helps pay for dental care, as well as disability insurance, which pays out if the policyholder becomes disabled.

Property insurance, which covers losses caused fires, theft, and other damaging events that can affect a home or business, is sold some insurance salespeople. A car insurance salesperson can help people stay covered in the event of a car accident selling car insurance. He could also sell insurance that covers product liability or malpractice lawsuits. An insurance salesperson may sell to both individuals and businesses, or he may specialize in a single type of customer. An insurance sales agent may also sell mutual funds and annuities in some cases.

Aside from selling various types of insurance, an insurance salesperson may also perform other duties. He may provide risk mitigation advice as well as financial planning services. Insurance salespeople are also responsible for maintaining client records and producing insurance-related reports. A person in this field may need to remind clients that their payments are due when necessary. An insurance salesperson may also advise a client on how to file a claim if he has been in an accident or suffered a loss.

The requirements for becoming a salesperson may differ depending on where you live. Companies that hire insurance salespeople frequently prefer those who have earned a college diploma. However, if a person has a talent for sales or related experience, he or she may be able to find work with only a high school diploma or its equivalent. To sell insurance as a company or as an independent agent in many states, a person must pass an insurance licensing exam.