What Is a Dance Squad?

A dance squad is a group of people who perform group dances together as a team. Dancers can perform in exhibitions or compete in dance competitions. Dance squads represent a variety of styles, ranging from hip hop to Bollywood dance. Other skills, such as cheering or tumbling, may be incorporated into these groups’ routines. Professional dance squads typically feature dancers with many years of formal training and experience, whereas amateur dance squads typically feature dancers at the high school or collegiate level.

Members of the dance squad are typically trained in both general dance and specific musical genres. The dancers learn turns, steps, and choreography during this training. Jumps, splits, flips, and kicks that are characteristic of tumbling are also incorporated into classes for certain styles.

Synchronization is perhaps the most important collective skill a dance squad should have. In other words, each group member should be able to perform dance moves in perfect harmony and synchrony with the rest of the group. The best way to achieve team unity is to practice frequently and become familiar with routines.

Synchronization is one of the primary criteria which dance squads are judged in competitive venues. Showmanship, creativity, and enthusiasm may be used as additional team judging criteria. Team members are also judged on more technical aspects of dancing, such as turn precision and limb movement execution.

Many dance squads are also interested in performance dance. These are choreographed and performed dances that are intended to entertain an audience. Squads may appear as part of a larger entertainment spectacle, such as a sporting event. On the other hand, some professional dance or drill teams create entire shows around their dance performances. Dances are usually performed to pre-recorded music in either case, though the dance squad may occasionally perform alongside live singing or band concerts. Some performances may also include props such as pom-poms or flags.

Dance squads can participate in amateur and professional showcases. A school dance squad, often in the form of cheering pep squads, is one place where young people can gain training and experience. These groups usually perform at school sporting events. Less formal dance squads and clubs are also common among groups of people who share common interests. Competitions for local dance squads, whether school or club squads, are held in various regions. Highly skilled individuals who have successfully completed tryouts for a dance company can apply for professional positions, and membership on these teams can often turn into a career with pay.