What is a News Editor?

A news editor works for a newspaper or magazine in print, a television station, or an online media outlet. He or she is a journalist who is in charge of assigning articles to other journalists and ensuring that they are published. He or she may have varying degrees of responsibility depending on the size of the organization. For example, an editor at a large metropolitan newspaper might concentrate on a single topic, such as local politics. A newspaper editor at a smaller local publication, on the other hand, may have multiple roles and responsibilities in addition to editing. He or she is usually expected to have a strong professional background in journalism or communications in order to be successful.

Local, regional, national, and international newspapers and other printed periodicals, such as magazines, are available. They may cover local news stories, national news stories, and everything in between. At the same publication, a news editor may be one of several editors. Most items are overseen a daily editor in some newspapers. Other types of editors may specialize in a particular field, such as business or sports news.

The general responsibilities of a news editor include selecting news items to be covered and assigning articles to other writers. The items are usually requested a deadline, and then the editor reviews them. The editor then publishes the articles, assuming there are no major changes to be made. Like a newspaper or magazine editor, a television or online news editor reviews news items. They approve stories for broadcast on television news shows or for publication on news and current events websites.

Other daily responsibilities for a news editor might include reading and revising specific articles, as well as double-checking facts and references during the review process. An editor not only edits current articles, but also generates story ideas for the future. Some may have a broader role, supervising aspects of publication such as article layout and graphic design.

A degree of formal education and training is usually required to secure a position as a news editor. They usually have a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, or linguistics. In some capacity, most editors have worked as journalists or professional writers. Knowledge of computer applications and other technology may be required in addition to other professional skills.