What Does a Technical Program Manager Do?

A technical program manager is in charge of a software development project’s technical aspects. He has prior experience developing and delivering software to clients. A technical manager is familiar with a wide range of computer systems, including hardware, networks, software, and database design. His main responsibility is to review and approve computer designs and applications before they are presented to a company.

A technical manager, unlike a project manager, must be familiar with databases, networks, security controls, and operating systems. This usually necessitates at least ten years of experience with a variety of IT controls. Working on software development teams is the best way to become a technical program manager. The technical manager must have hands-on experience, which can only be gained through the development of computer applications. To learn the nuances of both large and small projects, a lead manager should have experience with both.

A technical program manager should be able to master agile software development. This is a decades-old modular development approach that necessitates specialized training and understanding. A technical manager should be familiar with a variety of software development methodologies, including iterative development.

The majority of manager jobs necessitate interpersonal skills and personnel management. The technical program manager’s job is to oversee the technical aspects of a computer development project. He usually works for a project manager who is in charge of the program’s human resources. This allows the technical manager to devote more time to the project’s technical details.

A development team’s technical lead is the technical program manager. He is in charge of informing the project manager of any technical problems with the program. To provide enough insight into potential issues that may arise during a development project, the technical lead should have a deep understanding of operating systems, networks, and software protocols used in the program.

In any software development project, version control is crucial. It necessitates stringent oversight and management procedures for programming source code. Software version control is usually handled the technical program manager. This ensures that the development team is working on the latest version of software code, reducing the number of errors caused poor management.