What is a Team Truck Driver?

A team truck driver is a member of a group that drives trucks together. Using a driving team allows a truck to be on the road all of the time, resulting in faster product delivery. It is necessary to have a commercial truck driver’s license in order to work as a team truck driver. Some trucking companies provide training to their employees, while others require applicants to be fully qualified at the time of application.

A number of countries have passed laws governing the trucking industry in response to safety concerns. Individual businesses must abide these laws, and they may also have their own set of rules to address union concerns. A limit on total driving hours is one of the most important safety regulations. Limits are supposed to prevent accidents requiring truckers to take breaks. As a result of having to stop for rest on a regular basis, a single trucker cannot deliver products as quickly.

A team truck driver shares the road with another truck driver. The truck is driven one driver while the other rests or sleeps. For the most part, the truck can be kept moving continuously, with periodic stops for hygiene and food. Drivers on a team can set their own schedules and hours; for example, they can work long or short shifts to allow for different amounts of rest.

On the open road, driving a truck is physically and mentally demanding. In addition to negotiating a relationship with another person in a confined space, a team truck driver must deal with all of these demands. Team truck drivers must be able to trust one another, work out amicable shift agreements, and make concessions in order to work well together. In exchange, they receive the company of another driver and the ability to move loads quickly, with bonuses sometimes given for short trips.

For team truck driving, some companies hire couples, such as husbands and wives. Because the partners are close and enjoy working as a team, truck driving professionally can work well within the relationship for some couples. It’s also possible to pair up drivers who don’t already know each other.

A team truck driver is responsible for the safety of the other team members, keeps track of their hours and activities, and follows all applicable laws, such as those governing the transportation of controlled or hazardous substances. To keep things as fair as possible, team truck drivers negotiate wage splits and other issues with their partners.