What does a Measurement Technician do?

A measurement technician is an expert in the installation and maintenance of electronic meter reading equipment. They are highly trained mechanical workers with extensive knowledge and experience with measuring instruments. Measurement technicians understand how machines work, how to maintain them in peak condition, and how to determine whether they require recalibration, repair, or replacement. There are a variety of specialty technician jobs that require them to work in various industries, but they all have similar responsibilities and tasks.

A measurement technician frequently works with instruments that measure the volumes, pressures, flow rates, and other properties of gases and liquids. They usually work for a gas or oil company, or for a company that deals with thermo-hydraulic machines and equipment. They could also work in a laboratory or research facility that deals with gases and the equipment and containers that go with them.

Measurement technicians are employed utility companies to ensure that meter readers installed in homes, offices, and commercial spaces are always in good working order. When customers complain about unusually high consumption, which results in higher bills, the utility company usually sends out a measurement technician to look into it. If the meter reader turns out to be defective, it is the technician’s responsibility to have it replaced with a working one. They also determine whether the broken reader can be repaired and reused or whether it is no longer usable.

A gas measurement technician is a more specific job title for someone who is responsible for taking measurements from gas equipment as well as maintaining gas gate stations, regulating stations, and deodorization equipment. They make sure that all of these machines are running properly and efficiently at all times. They ensure that policies, quality control measures, and safety standards are adhered to. State and federal regulations are frequently in place, laying out standards to be followed in order to ensure the safety and reliability of all machinery.

Routine inspection and periodic testing of all meter reading equipment are typical measurement technician responsibilities. The measurement technician must keep meticulous records of all his inspections and tests. He must also update any pressure or volume charts, as well as any other monitoring charts that are typically placed near equipment or machines to display current values for all to see.

In most cases, the measurement technician is assigned to a specific department and is part of a chain of command. They report to an administrative superior, who may from time to time assign them additional, but related, responsibilities. They may also be assigned to work with other coworkers or as part of a team, which can provide a welcome change from their usual solo rounds.