What is an Order Clerk?

Customer orders are processed an order clerk. He or she could work in a retail store or a wholesale distribution center. Working as an order clerk typically requires a high school diploma or its equivalent, as well as excellent customer service and math skills. Order clerks typically need to know how to use spreadsheet programs and various types of processing software.

Customers’ orders can be received phone, computer, or mail the clerk. A supervisor may also dispense the orders to the order clerk for processing. Order clerks or supervisors first check the person or company ordering’s account to ensure there are no outstanding bills and credit approval has been granted.

Order clerks check lists of available stock on a regular basis. If an order clerk is unable to fill a customer’s order entirely due to an item being out of stock, company policy must be followed. In some companies, the clerk is required to notify the customer, while in others, order clerks simply add a polite note apologizing for the item’s out of stock and informing the customer of a backorder. A backorder is a term used in the industry to describe the process of fulfilling a customer’s currently out-of-stock order at a later date. Inventory management is considered poor if too many customer purchase orders require backorders, and customer service suffers as a result.

Most order clerks are also responsible for checking pricing. Because some customers may receive special discounts for purchasing in bulk, the clerk must ensure that each customer’s invoice contains accurate pricing. An invoice is a business document that details the cost and quantity of goods purchased. Taxes, as well as shipping and other fees, are included. The order clerk usually passes the invoices to an invoicing clerk unless the company is small; in smaller companies, order clerks may process each invoice using a computer system.

An order clerk’s responsibilities include dealing with customer complaints and following up on orders. As a result, order clerks must excel at providing excellent customer service. They must solve problems such as missing shipments, incorrect pricing, or customers receiving the wrong item in a calm and efficient manner. An order clerk’s job can be stressful because he or she may have to deal with several customer issues in a single day.

Order clerks are employed in a variety of industries. Their pay varies a lot depending on their responsibilities and years of experience. Some order clerks advance to become warehouse managers or industry technical experts. An order clerk, for the most part, works regular business hours and is compensated with medical insurance, a retirement plan, and vacation pay.