How Do I Become a Food Expeditor?

The requirements for working as a food expediter vary greatly from one restaurant to the next. This job may be considered an entry-level position in some establishments. Managers or high-level kitchen staff may play the role of expeditor in other cases. There are no specific educational requirements to become a food expeditor, though applicants with a background in hospitality, communication, or food preparation may find it advantageous. A person who has worked in the food industry can also help them become a food expeditor.

The role of food expeditor is an entry-level position in many restaurants, and all that is required of a person to become one is to apply for the job when one becomes available. Good references and a strong resume, whether it highlights academic achievements and volunteer work or a strong work history, can help an applicant land one of these positions. Restaurant experience may be required in some places, particularly at high-end establishments.

Managers may be assigned to the role of food expeditor in other restaurants. Because the expeditor may be involved in all of these tasks, an applicant for a job as a food expeditor in one of these establishments will need extensive restaurant experience, often in food service, food preparation, and restaurant management. Though restaurant managers are not required to have a college education, if a person wishes to work as a food expeditor in a high-end restaurant, a degree in hospitality or a related field can be beneficial.

Food expeditors can also be chefs and cooks. A chef who works as a food expeditor is usually one of the restaurant’s higher-level chefs, as this position necessitates extensive knowledge of all of the restaurant’s dishes. Chefs who want to work as food expeditors can attend culinary school and work as prep cooks or line cooks. A chef’s education and experience will help him or her land a high-level position in a restaurant, but talent is also important.

In some parts of the world, obtaining a license to work as a food expeditor may be required. These permits allow people to handle prepared foods and are relatively simple to obtain, requiring only a small fee and passing a food safety test. People may be hired as food expeditors before obtaining one of these licenses, or they may be required to have them before being hired.