How do I get a Degree in Kinesiology?

If you want to pursue a kinesiology degree, you must first complete several steps. Certain prerequisites must be met before you can apply for and enroll in a degree program. To begin earning a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, you must have completed high school or have completed a relevant undergraduate program. To enroll in a master’s level kinesiology program, you must have completed high school or have successfully completed a relevant undergraduate program.

Many colleges and universities require students to take specific courses in order to earn a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology. Students must earn about a third of their undergraduate course credits in a kinesiology program, with the rest coming from required university courses and electives at most colleges in the United States. Sports management, biomechanics, and exercise psychology are all common courses in kinesiology programs.

When earning a degree in kinesiology, you may be able to specialize in areas such as health sciences or sports management. Choosing a track will help you concentrate on your studies as you work toward your degree. You will be prepared to work in one specific field of exercise and sports medicine after completing your kinesiology degree.

Before you can earn a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, you may need to complete an internship. An internship allows you to apply skills and theories learned in class to real-world situations. Many students who participate in internships receive course credit. Internships are usually offered after a student has completed a number of courses and has been enrolled in the program for several semesters. You must commit to the internship for a certain number of hours per week in order for it to count toward your degree. Many programs also require you to sign a contract with the internship site and submit reflection papers on your time there.

After earning your bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, you can pursue a master’s degree or even a doctorate in the field. Before applying to most graduate programs in the United States, you must first take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). A personal statement, as well as several references from professors or other qualified individuals who are familiar with your work, may be required.

You will have to complete a certain amount of coursework once you are enrolled in a graduate level kinesiology program. Because many programs are divided into specialties, the classes you take will reflect your chosen field of study. If you’re pursuing a master’s degree, you may be required to write a thesis, though some schools provide non-thesis options. To earn their doctorate, Ph.D. candidates must write and defend a dissertation.