What are Common Cabin Crew Interview Questions?

An interview for a cabin crew position on an airline can be approached in many ways, just like any other job interview. It is extremely prudent to be prepared to answer some of the most common general interview questions, regardless of the type of job or the responsibilities of the position. Following that, an interviewee should be prepared to answer questions about customer service, as customer service is an important part of working on a cabin crew. More specific cabin crew interview questions relating to the stresses of flying and reacting to specific scenarios involving in-flight service should also be expected.

The most common cabin crew interview questions, in my opinion, are questions that could be asked in almost any other job interview. Expect questions like “What is your greatest strength?”, “What is your greatest weakness?”, and, of course, “Why are you interested in working for this company?” from the interviewer. These are essentially universal questions that provide the interviewer with basic information before the conversation begins. Do not make the mistake of assuming that these questions are so common or obvious that no preparation is required: making a mistake on even one of the most basic questions can cause a negative first impression before the specific cabin crew interview questions are even asked.

Working as a member of an airline’s cabin crew is generally regarded as a customer service job, so be prepared to answer some of these questions. “What are some characteristics of excellent customer service?”, “How would you handle a difficult customer?”, or “What steps would you take to resolve a customer dispute?” are examples of interview questions. The interviewer might also ask the interviewee to describe a time when they had to deal with difficult customers or a time when they provided exceptional customer service. These are common interview questions for a variety of jobs, but they are also common cabin crew interview questions.

The questions usually become more specific as the interview progresses. Some airline cabin crew interview questions may focus on how an interviewee would handle the stresses of flying, how quickly he or she can identify a potential problem or threat associated with air travel, or how well he or she would fit in with the rest of the crew as well as the company’s image and policies. Interviewers frequently pose a scenario and ask the applicant to describe how he or she would react during this type of questioning. An interviewee might be asked what he or she would do if a passenger refused to follow airline procedures, such as not smoking or stowing luggage properly. Another option is to inquire about an applicant’s response to an emergency situation such as a fire or evacuation.