What are the Different Types of Careers in the Sports Industry?

The many different types of careers available in the sports industry allow anyone with a passion for sports to get involved. The most visible job in the industry is that of an athlete, though only a small percentage of people will ever achieve this level of success. Athletic trainers, coaches, sports announcers, writers, broadcasters, equipment managers, marketing and advertising positions, facility management, and so on are all careers in the sports industry. Sports are so intertwined with other industries that even food vendors can be considered part of the sports industry.

Coaches, managers, owners, athletic trainers, equipment managers, and others are all directly involved in the day-to-day operations of professional or amateur sports teams. Facilities management jobs are available because so many teams require facilities that are specifically designed for their sports. Groundskeepers may work at a baseball stadium to maintain the grass and dirt, repair dugouts, repair scoreboards, and ensure that the facilities comply with fire code regulations, among other things. Part-time positions in this broad category of the sports industry are likely to be available, and facility managers can make a career out of it.

Athletic trainers will work with players one-on-one to help them recover from injuries, prepare for athletic activities, and maintain the team’s overall health. Trainers typically require a certain level of education and experience to work in the sports industry, and many trainers will have some sort of medical background, no matter how basic. All team equipment, including uniforms and sport-specific equipment such as balls or pucks, baseball bats, hockey sticks, and so on, is managed equipment managers. The equipment manager will inventory all equipment, note its condition, and replace it as needed, as well as ensure that the athletes have all of the supplies they need to participate in the sport. The manager may also be in charge of maintaining and repairing equipment, such as hockey skates that need sharpening.

Within the sports industry, marketing and advertising have become critical positions. Advertisement campaigns, logos, promotions, and other methods of spreading the word about a sports team or entity will be developed marketers and advertisers for sports teams and facilities. Marketers and advertisers treat sports as a business and produce television and radio spots, advertisements, t-shirts and other promotional materials, among other things, in order to boost the bottom line. Sports teams can hire in-house marketers and advertisers, or they can hire an outside firm to meet their needs.