What Are the Different Types of Illustrator Jobs?

For someone with experience and artistic ability, there are many different types of illustrator jobs available. Picture books for children, book covers in general, comic book illustration, and promotional materials for various forms of entertainment are some of the most common types of work for illustrators. Illustrators can also work on conceptual artwork for a variety of projects, such as films, television shows, and video games. There are jobs in other fields that aren’t necessarily artistic, such as creating technical or medical illustrations.

Illustrator jobs typically refer to work opportunities for those who are able to create original works of art, either as part of a team or as freelancers. Rather than large paintings like those produced for fine art, these are usually created hand on paper or digitally. Those who are talented illustrators and want to work in fields that are commonly thought of as artistic or creative can apply for a variety of illustrator jobs.

These illustrator jobs can range from creating artwork for greeting cards to illustrating children’s books and even designing book covers. Jobs as a comic book illustrator are often competitive and difficult to come by. Illustrators in comic books typically work in one of three areas: original pencil artwork, inking penciled lines, and coloring penciled and inked images.

Illustrator jobs are also available for professional illustrators interested in working in the entertainment industry. Professional illustrators frequently create concept art for film, television, and video games, and these works of art serve as representations of how the final work should appear. Illustrators can also work for various entertainment companies, creating promotional artwork such as posters and advertising images.

Some illustrator jobs may be available for those who can depict actual objects realistically as illustrated images. For example, technical illustrators frequently create images of objects for use in instruction manuals and reference paperwork that come with those objects. Medical illustrators create artistic representations of various aspects of human and animal anatomy, usually based on descriptions or rough sketches of how such objects appear. Because of the scientific and engineering applications of these types of illustrations, illustrators who create them are frequently required to have a high level of precision and accuracy.