What Are the Different Types of Personal Development Tools?

Personal development is a proactive way for an individual to acquire, expand, or refine personal skills that can have an impact on both his personal and professional lives. Personal development courses, personal development classes, personal development seminars, personal development training, self-help books, and on-the-job training are examples of different types of personal development tools.

Personal development tools can be in the form of online courses, home course study formats, CDs that individuals can play in their vehicles, or DVDs that individuals can watch at home. Personal development tool formats can vary depending on the type of personal skills a person is attempting to develop. These formats are typically the most affordable and just as effective as other options if the individual is self-motivated and doesn’t require a lot of instruction or personal training to learn these skills.

If the personal skill is to overcome shyness, for example, a format that requires the individual to interact with others face-to-face may not be beneficial. Individuals who want to learn these skills can use personal development tools like personal development classes.

The majority of personal development classes take place in a traditional classroom setting. It could be a single course covering a single skill or topic, or a series of classes elaborating on the topic or skill, or covering several different skills. Personal development classes frequently include some book work or workbook exercises, as well as interactive lessons like role playing and situational analysis.

Personal development tools such as seminars are also available. Seminars are typically short-term, intensive courses that teach the skills that a person needs to learn. Typically, a seminar is a one-day intensive course. Other seminars, on the other hand, can last up to three days. When comparing development tools to classroom training, seminars are less interactive, but more interactive than online, CD, or DVD format course delivery.

Personal development training can be divided into two categories. Individuals can opt for one-on-one training sessions, in which the trainer works with them one-on-one. Other training courses may only be attended a small group of people. Because the groups are smaller than those attracted seminars and workshops, these training sessions tend to provide more individual attention and training.