What can I do with a Degree in Early Childhood Education?

With a degree in early childhood education, a person can pursue a variety of careers. This degree prepares its holder for a variety of jobs that involve caring for children and assisting them in their learning. Daycare centers, preschools, and elementary schools are all places where someone with this degree might find work. She might also be able to find work at camps, museums, and recreation centers. Essentially, an early childhood education degree can be used anywhere there is a need to care for or teach children from birth to about eight years of age.

Many people with degrees in early childhood education work in daycare centers. While many places do not require daycare workers to have a college diploma, some employers prefer to hire those who do. Employers may post job openings for childcare workers with associate’s degrees in early childhood education, while others will hire workers with certificates. Some employers are even willing to hire childcare workers who do not have a college diploma but do have a high school diploma.

A bachelor’s degree in early childhood education can also be used to train for a position as a preschool teacher. Preschool teachers, like daycare workers, are not required to have a bachelor’s degree; a diploma or certificate may suffice. However, some employers prefer teachers with associate’s or bachelor’s degrees in early childhood education or a related field. Some employers, in fact, require a bachelor’s degree for someone who wants to work as the head or primary teacher in a preschool classroom.

A degree in early childhood education could also prepare you to teach in elementary schools. A person with a bachelor’s degree in this subject can teach kindergarten or the first three grades of elementary school in many parts of the United States. Some private schools, particularly those that teach kindergarteners, may hire teachers with less education. Teaching assistant positions are available in both government and private schools for teachers with associate’s degrees or education certificates.

A person with a degree in early childhood education might be able to find work in organizations that aren’t schools but still help children have fun, learn, and grow. This person could, for example, run an informational program at a museum or plan activities at a day camp. She could also use her skills and knowledge to help children at recreation centers and churches. This degree holder could even go into families’ homes and provide tutoring or private educational services to young children.