What can I Expect from an Army Training Program?

When a recruit joins the US Army and begins their service, they are sent to boot camp, also known as basic training. Boot camp lasts 12 weeks and includes a variety of training, such as how to use Army-issued weaponry, how to present an appropriate image of a United States soldier, and the initial training an Army recruit will require to be combat-ready. The Army training program’s initial goal is to teach recruits about the Army’s way of life and the expectations of a soldier in training.

After the recruit has completed boot camp, the type of Army training program he will receive will be determined his expectations for his time in the military. The programs are set up in military schools so that a recruit can enter training when his commanding officer requests it. The new soldier’s training covers every aspect of his job and explains everything he needs to know. After completing the training, the recruit must pass a test in order to advance to his next assignment, the job site. If the recruit fails the test, he will need additional training; he will not be able to achieve the pay grade he desires until he has completed the required training.

For each rank the soldier wishes to attain, additional training is required. His pay will be determined his performance in the Army training program and on the job. To advance through the ranks, the recruit must meet the Army’s job performance expectations and earn good grades in training. He’ll have to pass all of the training’s tests. If he fails, the soldier’s commanding officer will decide what will happen next in his Army career.

Pre-training study guides are available on the Internet and at military bases to assist people in preparing for any Army test they intend to take. These guides will assist providing time for each person to study prior to beginning the Army training program; a recruit will be able to drill himself on practice tests until he is confident with the material. Keep in mind that not all pre-training material will cover all test questions, so if a recruit wants to succeed in the Army, he must pay attention during Army training classes.