What does a Basketball Announcer do?

A basketball announcer is a person who gives live audiences, radio listeners, or television viewers play-by-play descriptions of a basketball game. During commercial breaks, he or she usually provides additional commentary about players, teams, and statistics. A basketball announcer is typically articulate, personable, and well-versed in the sport. Professional announcers can work at any level of competition, though most work at high school, college, and professional events.

Basketball announcers who work for radio or television provide detailed descriptions of games. Radio announcers give detailed descriptions of games so that listeners can visualize the action. They give enthusiastic play-by-play reports, explain fouls and violations, and keep listeners up to date on important information such as the score and remaining time. Because viewers can visually follow the action, television broadcasters usually describe games in less detail. Season statistics and player descriptions are usually available to both television and radio announcers so that they can provide more detailed information to their audiences.

Some basketball announcers broadcast games to live crowds in a gym or stadium. Their voices are broadcast over loudspeakers to introduce teams, announce scores and fouls, and keep fans up to date on important statistics. Some announcers, particularly those in high school, also operate scoreboards and keep official game records.

Most announcers strive to be as objective as possible when calling games so that viewers receive accurate information. Some local radio and television stations have a direct relationship with certain teams, and announcers are frequently fans of the teams they cover. While it is appropriate for announcers to root for their teams, audiences deserve fair coverage and accurate information.

A person interested in pursuing a career as a basketball announcer has a variety of options for getting started in the field. Many announcers begin their careers reporting statistics to a live audience or radio listeners at local high school events. A local basketball announcer may be able to find other work in his or her area after gaining experience and establishing a good reputation. Individuals who aspire to be collegiate or professional announcers frequently hold a bachelor’s degree in journalism or broadcasting. A basketball announcer who excels at his or her job and earns a positive reputation among fans may be offered the opportunity to work for a national radio or television broadcasting company, covering major games for a large audience.