What does a Functional Manager do?

Performance reviews can be managed functional managers, also known as line managers, for a specific department or the entire organization. At this level, project managers typically report to managers, though some organizations combine the two positions. In that case, the manager would be in charge of specific projects in addition to the organization’s overall needs.

The duties and responsibilities of someone in this position are determined whether or not the organization has a project manager. Individuals in these two positions usually collaborate closely, but their responsibilities vary depending on the company’s culture and needs.

A project manager typically reports to a functional manager, who then connects them to senior management. This higher-level manager is usually in charge of managing and controlling the resources required to finish a project. As a result, strong collaboration and communication between workers in both positions is critical for the timely and effective completion of any ongoing projects. In order to avoid unnecessary conflict, it is also critical that both managers have a clear understanding of their respective roles.

If an organization has both types of managers, the functional manager will usually oversee all projects rather than taking a specific role in their completion. In this position, he or she will ensure that all projects are in line with the organization’s overall goals and philosophy. Highly functional is a term used to describe a company that has both positions.

These managers may also be in charge of a specific department. This person would keep track of one or more projects to ensure that they met the organization’s general needs as well as the department’s specific requirements. This usually entails properly allocating and organizing resources in order to strike a healthy balance between the needs of all parties involved, from the executives to the project’s workers.

If the two roles are combined, the job description could include everything from ensuring organizational compliance to the finer points of both departmental and project requirements. It’s possible that the functional manager will be responsible for multiple projects. When there isn’t a separate position for each task, the organization is said to be highly projectized.