What does a Geriatric Specialist do?

A geriatric specialist is a doctor who specializes in the health and well-being of the elderly. This usually necessitates some form of medical training, with a focus on the ailments and afflictions that affect the elderly. Nursing, home care, other medical professionals, and social work are all areas that may require the assistance of a geriatric specialist. Some of these people are also referred to as geriatricians.

The majority of geriatric specialists work in medicine and are trained to work with the elderly. Many people start out in another field of medicine before deciding to pursue a career in geriatric medicine. A geriatric specialist gains familiarity with the common ailments that affect the elderly as they age, as well as preventative measures and the ability an individual must have to follow an exercise or diet regimen, thanks to this specialized education. This knowledge enables these professionals to suggest specialized care for an elderly person.

Medical professionals who work with the elderly have access to far more information than pediatricians or general practitioners. A geriatric specialist is educated to examine a patient’s entire medical history and can specialize in a variety of areas, including preventative medicine and geriatric surgery. To handle the unique needs of preparing an elderly person for surgery, some medical facilities employ a geriatric specialist in the anesthesiology department. They could also work in fields like orthopedics and gynecology, because elderly people have unique needs that arise in all areas of medicine and health care.

A geriatric specialist can work in a clinical or medical setting or in home care, and the daily tasks of these professionals are diverse. Home care workers allow the elderly to maintain some independence while still being looked after someone who can provide professional assistance. A geriatric specialist who works in home care assists with basic tasks that become more difficult as people age, such as meal preparation and housekeeping. Advanced levels of care are also provided, such as medication management and assisting individuals with limited mobility and equipment such as dialysis machines or breathing apparatus.

Physical therapy is a field in which some geriatric specialists work. Working with an elderly patient is very different from working with a young patient in terms of rehabilitation. A specialist can consider an older patient’s physical limitations and predict potential problems and outcomes before they occur. He or she is also familiar with geriatric-specific equipment, such as walkers and wheelchairs. A geriatric specialist has been trained in how to move and work with patients who are potentially fragile.