What Does a Proposal Manager Do?

A proposal manager is usually in charge of overseeing all of an organization’s proposals. Coordinating the proposal process, preparing actual proposals, and presenting proposals to potential customers are all part of this job. The proposal manager will devote a significant amount of time to reviewing RFPs, confirming requirements with potential customers, and then starting the proposal process. He or she will be in charge of delegating all tasks required to complete a proposal, as well as overseeing the writing, editing, illustration, and all other production efforts associated with the proposal, and will usually be working on a deadline. He or she will also create a proposal schedule, identify the most important tasks, and assign proposal priorities based on internal procedures.

When a proposal manager receives an RFP, he or she will read the entire document in order to fully comprehend the client’s specifications and expectations, as well as the relevant deadlines and budget. The proposal manager will frequently take notes and jot down questions during the review process, which he or she will clarify with the customer before proceeding. He or she will then create a proposal plan, which will detail each stage of the proposal as well as its requirements, as well as a timeline leading up to the proposal’s deadline. Delegating tasks is an important part of the planning process, as it allows the manager to enlist organizational and subcontracted resources, as well as expertise, to contribute to the proposal.

Once the proposal is underway, effective supervision is critical to the proposal manager’s job. He or she will oversee the production of all proposal pages, including both aesthetics and written content, and will guide all proposal team members in disseminating required information. He or she will conduct periodic progress reviews to ensure that the proposal is in accordance with the client’s request. The proposal manager will review the first draft for accuracy and consistency, as well as to ensure that the proposal corresponds to the client’s requests. After that, he or she will send the document back to the proposal team for any necessary revisions before sending it to the potential client.

In addition to attending bidder conferences and serving as the organization’s proposal representative, the proposal manager will make regular site visits to interact with customers. Following a client’s approval of a submitted proposal, he or she will be involved in the contract’s finalization and implementation. Often, this will entail finalizing agreements and briefing his or her organization on the proposed work at the outset. Organizing staff meetings in the event that a proposal fails is also an important part of the job.