What Does a Video Specialist Do?

A video specialist is an expert who specializes in one or more aspects of video production. This can include both filming and editing as well as production. Placing lighting and sets, operating a video camera, cutting footage, applying effects, and duplicating or posting video are all examples of job responsibilities. Specialists can work for a number of different direct employers or as self-employed independent contractors.

A video specialist may be tasked with a variety of tasks. Lighting must be positioned to provide the best possible shot when video is shot in a studio or other set location. To ensure a usable audio track, sound enhancement or recording equipment may be used. For different types of indoor and outdoor sets, different types of lighting and sound equipment may be used. Video professionals must be aware of the various types of equipment available and use the appropriate equipment for the situation.

A video specialist’s primary responsibility is to record footage. This could include video that has been staged, such as for a commercial or a movie shoot. However, it could also include live, unscripted coverage for a newscast or special event. Video specialists frequently shoot on location and must be able to work in a variety of environments.

It’s common to have to cut or edit footage after it’s been recorded. This can be as simple as joining video segments, removing bad or unnecessary footage, and possibly cutting still photos into the footage. Other videos necessitate the use of special effects, which can range from graphic insertion to transitions and fades. Depending on the project, a video specialist may perform any or all of these tasks.

Videos must also be created in a format that can be used. Video is sometimes burned or pressed onto portable media like a DVD. It is also loaded onto a website, server, or other electronic medium in some cases. Depending on how the video will be displayed, different compression methods are used, and the video specialist must choose the best method and follow the steps to make the video usable.

Video specialists are employed a wide range of businesses. Television stations, movie studios, advertising agencies, colleges, and venues for special events are just a few examples. However, it is not uncommon for a video specialist to work as a freelancer for any of these types of businesses or for private clients. Wedding videographers, sports event videographers, and courtroom videographers are examples of niche specialists.