What does a Vocational Counselor do?

Counselors perform a variety of tasks with their clients. A vocational counselor, also known as a career counselor, assists job seekers in evaluating their employment options and developing the skills required to obtain employment. He or she makes contact with hiring managers at various businesses to see if the person receiving career counseling is a good fit for their company.

A vocational counselor’s first task is to meet with clients and assess their abilities. To do so, he or she goes over the client’s resume and talks about their professional and educational backgrounds. He or she may then ask a series of questions to determine the client’s preferred type of work. When discussing technical proficiency, the counselor usually inquires about any special skills the client possesses.

Once the vocational counselor has a good understanding of the client’s background and goals, he or she can work with companies that are hiring to find a good fit. The career counselor meets with the hiring manager over the phone or in person to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of hiring the client. Although the counselor’s ultimate goal is to find the client work, he or she owes it to the hiring company not to mislead them about the client’s abilities.

If the vocational counselor determines that the client is an unsuitable fit for the hiring companies, additional counseling services may be offered. Counselors can assist their clients in locating training programs to improve their skills and developing strategies to improve their marketability. In addition, a career counselor can often assist with the creation of a professional resume. Some counselors conduct a mock interview with their clients in order to assess their interview skills and suggest ways for them to improve.

Although a vocational counselor’s role is similar to that of an employment agency, there are some differences. Rather than focusing on making a profit from job placement, he or she focuses on assisting job seekers who have been unsuccessful in finding work. He or she could work for a government-sponsored organization at any level.

Injured clients are frequently seen a vocational rehabilitation counselor. The goal of this counselor is to determine when the worker can safely return to work. The counselor may also make suggestions to the employer about how to best meet the worker’s needs when they return.

Some vocational counselors are employed school districts. In secondary schools, where students are beginning to explore career options, a vocational guidance counselor is frequently present. He or she usually informs students about a variety of career options. If a career has specific educational requirements, the counselor will inform you of these requirements and assist you in finding a school that meets them.