What is a Computer Systems Analyst?

Computer systems analysts apply computer technology to a company’s or organization’s needs. A computer systems analyst is responsible for integrating these technologies with the company’s business plan and procedures, as businesses rely on the most up-to-date information systems to operate efficiently. As a computer systems analyst strives to stay current in the technological arena, his or her work is constantly varied.

Solving computer problems, developing new computer systems, configuring a computer’s hardware and software, and devising new ways to apply technological resources to a company’s methods are all common responsibilities for computer systems analysts. Depending on the industry of the company for which he or she works, a computer system analyst usually works with just one system. An analyst can use business, financial, scientific, or engineering systems to meet the company’s needs. System architects are the analysts who choose the appropriate software for the company. System designers are those who create and maintain the systems.

Typically, a computer systems analyst will begin an assignment meeting with company managers to define the system’s goals in relation to the company’s needs. After that, the analyst will design the system, taking into account the inputs that will be accessed and processed, as well as the output that must be formulated around the system’s goal. The analyst will go through various stages of a system project, including structured analysis, data modeling, information engineering, mathematical configuration, and cost accounting. Computer system analysts may also be responsible for preparing financial plans for the systems, depending on the size of the company.

Updating old computer systems for new tasks, networking systems so they can communicate with other computers, and testing or debugging new systems before they are used the company are all tasks that typically fall under the computer systems analyst description. A computer systems analyst will collaborate with other information technology professionals, such as programmers, software engineers, and network security specialists, in addition to managers. Software quality assurance analysts are analysts who perform more in-depth testing of computer systems. Following the initial tests, they must ensure that program requirements were met, as well as diagnose and solve computer or software problems.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is required for a job as a computer systems analyst. Analysts must also be computer literate, have strong analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills, as well as have a basic understanding of finance. Analysts typically work 40 hours per week, though they may be required to work overtime to solve a specific problem or meet a tight deadline.