What is East Asian Studies?

East Asian studies are concerned with the impact of countries like Japan and China on modern society. Various aspects of East Asian culture, history, and current events are studied. Politics, economics, religion, language, and other aspects of society are all addressed.

A thorough understanding of other cultures and dominant players in the future of economic growth is required in the ever-changing global economy. Eastern Asia has produced a wide range of innovations, from technological breakthroughs to new business models. Studying Eastern Asia’s contributions and future possibilities can help students, particularly business students, prepare for the global challenges that lie ahead.

East Asian studies core coursework focuses on laying the groundwork for further study. The history, languages, and cultures of China and Japan are the focus of these courses. Learning the languages of these two countries will take more time and effort, and students frequently choose one to focus on.

Beyond the intermediate course offerings, there are classes focusing on the area’s history and cultures. Classes on the Japanese and Chinese revolutions, past and current leaders, and social movements, for example, could be included. Cultural studies will include Chinese and Japanese drama, as well as literature and culture from both regions. Popular books, poetry, and regional authors will also be highlighted.

East Asian studies also concentrate on the region’s politics. This includes classes on Marxist theory, international relations, and both countries’ modernization. Coursework frequently covers the region’s economic growth as well as the countries’ contributions to the global economic environment’s growth.

Eastern Asian studies can also be used to advance one’s knowledge in another field. Students who plan to work in business should have a good understanding of the culture and background of the people they will be working with, as this will help them develop a friendly, mutual working relationship. Students may choose to pursue finance and political science coursework geared toward Eastern Asia in addition to the basic East Asian studies coursework.

Those who want to pursue other fields of study can benefit from taking some East Asian studies classes. This includes students of journalism and history. A thorough understanding of the global environment can add additional knowledge and background for research purposes for journalism students interested in focusing on societal and business issues.