How Do I Learn Air Conditioning Repair?

Taking classes at a community college, trade school, or even the military can help you learn how to repair air conditioners. Air conditioning repair is also available as part of the US military’s vocational training program. Another option is to work for a company that specializes in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) repair and learn from a more experienced technician. This is, in effect, a training program.

In many cases, air conditioning repair can be learned in less than two years at a vocational school. These schools frequently have the advantage of being able to assist with job placement. They may also offer classes in refrigerator repair and auto air conditioning repair, in addition to air conditioning repair. In terms of operation, all of these systems are very similar. As a result, once the theory is understood, applying it to various types of cooling units becomes easier.

The classes benefit because, while the theory is nearly identical, the practical application of that theory may be less intuitive. It may be more difficult to access certain parts of the unit, whether it is a building air conditioner, an automobile air conditioner, or a refrigerator. Working with these different units in various situations under the supervision of a qualified teacher provides practical experience in the classroom.

Soldiers in most military units around the world are taught a trade, though some soldiers may spend nearly all of their training on combat and other military applications. Many young men and women enlist in order to receive specialized training in a particular set of skills. This is one of the service’s advantages. In addition to learning a practical skill, the military may offer additional funding for post-discharge education.

Finding a company willing to hire an HVAC repairman without experience may be possible for those who want to get into the workforce right away. It may be difficult to get hired because the company will most likely recognize that it will take some time before they see a return on their investment. Those who attempt this should have a mechanical aptitude and emphasize to a potential employer any other mechanical repair experience they may have.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning air conditioning repair. Each person interested in the field must assess what they want and figure out how to make one of these options work for them. Those who find themselves unable to find work without some form of formal education may pursue vocational training at a later date.