What is an Airline Customer Service Agent?

An airline customer service agent helps passengers with everything from purchasing tickets to getting flight information to selecting seating arrangements and managing special needs. This person’s job is to ensure that an airline customer’s needs are met quickly and efficiently. He’s also in charge of making the customer’s experience with the airline and boarding the plane as pleasant as possible, so they’ll want to fly with them again.

When a person needs help from an airline representative over the phone or in person, he frequently contacts an airline customer service agent. These agents assist airline customers with questions and special requests, as well as selling tickets. When possible, a customer service agent is in charge of ensuring that passenger seating requests are met. He may also handle special meal requests and assist passengers who want to upgrade their seats.

Helping people with special needs is a common part of this job. This could include assisting disabled passengers or children traveling without their parents. Spending a little extra time reassuring passengers who are nervous about flying is another example.

Helping passengers board planes is sometimes the responsibility of an airline customer service agent. As passengers prepare to board, he may check their tickets and show them where they need to go. He may also assist in cabin security checks and make announcements as needed. In some cases, the agent is also in charge of the airline’s luggage.

A person must be resourceful and capable of keeping up in a fast-paced environment to be successful in this job. He usually requires excellent communication and problem-solving abilities. Some airlines also demand that successful job candidates be able to type.

A candidate for customer service agent should also be patient and able to remain calm in stressful situations. When a customer complains about a delayed flight, for example, the agent isn’t expected to become enraged or frustrated. Instead, he’s expected to maintain a calm and courteous demeanor throughout all of his interactions with airline passengers.

In most cases, a college diploma is not required in order to work as an airline customer service agent. Rather, most applicants require a high school diploma or its equivalent. Some airlines require new agents to have at least two years of customer service experience. Many airlines, on the other hand, are willing to train agents. Many airlines, in fact, provide paid training even if a person already has customer service experience.