What Is a Skills Assessment?

A skills assessment is a type of evaluation used to determine a person’s marketable or advantageous skills, attitudes, and abilities. This type of assessment can be presented and conducted in a variety of ways, including self-applied and second-party assessments. Professional skills, social and communication skills, and leadership ability are among the skills and qualities evaluated in this type of assessment. A skills assessment can be used in a variety of settings, but they are most commonly used for career counseling in businesses and universities.

A skills assessment can be conducted in a variety of ways, but it is most commonly done as a self-test or a test administered a third party. A self-test is a type of assessment in which a person asks himself or herself questions and evaluates his or her own abilities, then uses the results to see where he or she can improve. Second-party tests are conducted someone else, who may ask the person being tested questions or observe his or her work. Both types of skills assessments can be effective, but they both rely on the person being tested being honest in order to be successful.

A skills assessment can also be used to evaluate a variety of skills, depending on the assessment’s purpose. The majority of assessments are used to evaluate and gauge professional skills and abilities, which vary greatly depending on the industry in which a person wishes to work. A skills assessment can also be used to assess social skills and communications, which can include both oral and written communication skills as well as the ability to handle criticism constructively. Some assessments can also include an examination of leadership skills, such as conflict resolution, the ability to listen, and the ability to make effective decisions in stressful situations, which are often important for management evaluations.

A skills assessment is most commonly used in professional settings to evaluate a person’s productivity and professional potential. This type of evaluation can be used to determine how well a potential new hire would fit into a specific environment. Someone seeking a promotion within a company may be required to undergo such an evaluation to demonstrate to the company how well he or she can meet the company’s management needs. A skills assessment can also be used colleges and universities to determine how well a student understands professional expectations and to identify areas where he or she can improve professional skills.